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Transfixing Tales! • Students listen and learn • Connects with curriculum
Workshops, residencies, and “concerts” • Author and Reading Week Visits
For Elementary • For Middle Schools • In High Schools • for PK-K
and Catholic Schools • Jewish Schools • Special Needs

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“To say the students were hooked is an understatement! We would love to have him back!”
–American School of Paris (grades 6-8)


Mark has performed at festivals and theaters around the world. From Providence to Dublin. From London to Paris. From Kalamazoo to Fall River.

He has a huge variety of programs and stories including sets for families or adults-only.


Books and audio families love •
Connect reading and storytelling •Inspires literacy and connects families • Seasonal programs for Halloween, Holidays, vacations and summer reading


Mark offers awesome fun for campfires and circles.
Mark’s stories are funny, (spooky!,) entertaining and encourage reading. Perfect for rainy or sunny day.

Mark tells stories for campers of all ages, which sometimes means the entire camp at once, but often means smaller age splits (Grades K-3, 4-6, 8+)
(He’s got loud voice, and a battery powered sound system for out door work, as well as an awesome Bose system for larger horsepower events.)

Write it up! (making stories workshop)

Mark is an amazing teacher, able to inspire an entire class in a short period of time. He loves helping writers and storytellers understand story structure and unlock the power of their creativity. (grades 4-12, adults, teachers)

The Art of Peace

How can we reconcile differences in a chaotic world? Mark combines his 30 years experience in the martial arts* with his facility as a storyteller. This program will help people understand the reasons for conflict and begin to find ways to resolve issues. (Middle Grade, Middle School, High School, College and Adults)