Opening Night Jitters (THE RACE tour diary)

As my first produced play in 3 decades (yowza) this isn't exactly the way I pictured it. No backstage jitters and nervous laughter with the cast. No peeking in at the audience in their seats. No celebratory drinks after the…

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The Race - a new play (in workshop) - December 4 and 6

This summer I got so frustrated watching Zoom performances that ignored reality. They weren't making a live theater.  

I began to imagine.… THE RACE

Joseph Black and Joseph White are interviewing for the same position. At the same time. On…

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Visit Groston, circa 2018

"When I began writing, THE GROSTON RULES was contemporary.
Now? I think it qualifies as historical fiction. Recent and still relevant, but perhaps a bit nostalgic. 

Adam, Isaac, and Charlie are dealing with problems of college admissions and climate change…

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Trick or Treat Alternatives

I'm as disappointed as you that Halloween is cancelled. Yes, parents of some children will arrange for limited contact trick-or-treating, but we're not, as some people suggest, going to be putting out a bowl full of candy! 

That reminds me…

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Are We There Yet? (Part One) a serialized audiobook short 

A multi-part serialization (in progress)

This is the first installment of a serial.



#audiobook #audiobookshort #serial #serialization #LifeDuringCovid #fatherandson #family #yoga #parenting #onlineschool #virtualschool 

Coming November 8… THE GROSTON RULES 

What happens when they shut down your school?

Isaac, Adam, Helen, Charlie, Sean, Jésus and Rover had planned on coasting through their final semester at Ashby Bryson High. They called themselves Team Bomb Shelter, and their plan was simple, get…

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How the Bagel Got Its Name - an audiobook short 

I had a dream that Julie Andrews was making a television show about my bagel story…
But I hadn't written one yet. So when I woke up…


#audiobook #audibookshort #roshhashanah #yomkippur #jewishholidays #bagel #bread #chelm


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Premier: The World's First Zoom eBook @ Digital Book World 2020 


At 3pm Central time, author, storyteller, playwright and craft publisher Mark Binder will perform the world's first Zoom eBook at Digital Book World. The whimsical autobiographical talk will spiral around the subject of "How technology and distribution…

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