Just Released - Limited Edition - Story Concert for Your Home. 

Just released!
Mark Binder 2020
, a live "story concert" for the whole family.

Every summer, Mark tells stories. This is the ONLY way you can hear him perform live. A 45 minute program the whole family will enjoy.

Enjoy Summer 2020 Today

Includes a BONUS companion book

Review from The Providence Journal

During a normal summer, Rhode Island storyteller Mark Binder would be out doing his usual shows at camps, summer schools and community centers. But this pandemic summer is different. 

So Binder has issued a collection of five original stories, recorded over the years in various venues. The ones where you can’t tell there’s an audience sound the most professional — but the ones with that “live” feeling have a wonderful charm, with children shouting answers and singing at key moments, prompted by Binder. 

The stories themselves are eclectic: a Cinderella who uses a wheelchair (glass slippers aren’t practical for dancing, after all, but they’re perfect if you’re sitting); a version of “Stone Soup” set at Valley Forge; and the true story of Binder’s son Max, who hated pizza. 

And then there’s the tall tale of Erika P. Spunk (the “p” stands for prudence, of which she had none), a circus performer with a sturdy and useful umbrella; and Binder’s cousin Adam, who survives a tsunami at Scarborough Beach with admirable style. 

It’s all a lot of fun. Binder is a masterful performer, his voice swooping and diving, his characters coming alive. 

And if you’d like to see and read them, purchasers of the book can email for a bonus 99-page e-book with the same stories; the “Cinderella Spinderella” tale is nicely illustrated by Steve Mardo. You can get both books at https://gum.co/summer2020