Witches, Tsunami, Toxic Chemicals and Tossed Cookies

THE ZOMBIE CAT is a fun, funny, disgusting and exciting book.

“We didn’t mean to get into trouble. The trouble always found us…”

You'll meet Kovar, Adam, Fat Charlie and Elspeth, and a whole bunch of other ordinary kids on extraordinary adventures!

  • What happens when Kovar brings his sister's cat from the dead?
  • Will Adam ever learn to boogie board?
  • Can we keep Mom's Toll House Cookies from almost certain destruction?
  • Was it really a good idea for Charlie to take candy from the doorstep of the witch's house?
  • How about capture the flag played with stinky water balloons?

Epic humor, horror and pungent stanks…
Written for young people and adults with a sense of humor, actually, it's two books in one!

  • Rewind explodes with seven stories about Zombie Cats, Witches, Tsunami and the Bog Monster!
  • The Stink Bomb War is a chapter-book/novel.


THE ZOMBIE CAT is now available in…

  • Trade Paperback - ISBN 978-1-940060-22-4
  • Library Hardcover - ISBN 978-1-940060-24-8
  • eBook (epub and mobi) - ISBN 978-1-940060-23-1
  • Dyslexia Hardcover - ISBN 978-1-940060-25-5


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