What’s going on? Reality 5.16

I’m reading a lovely novel, but I can’t remember the name. It’s a delicious tale that interweaves through the present, future, and alternative realities. I think it’s by Ian M. Banks. And I think it’s called Arcadia, but I have a hard time remembering because I’m reading it on my <branded digital device name censored>. 

This device, which lets my increasingly poor eyes read in the dark is wonderful, except that it obscures the “content.” And the experience of actually buying an “ebook” is completely miserable. I love that I can get these things for “free” from my local library–well, not the local library, but the local library’s “portal” into <branded digital library platform name censored>. But that’s a shitty experience too.

I miss bookstores, but I rarely go into them, except for the amazing used one in our area. Most bookstores seem pathetic and desperate. They’re competing against <branded digital purchase channel name censored>, and are running on fumes and the good will of traditionalists. There are some exceptions, mostly in niche markets. But even then, I have a hard time paying for books because, let’s face it, if I wait a while I can get whatever I want for free through the library’s <branded digital library platform name censored>.

I know, I know, I’m supposed to be one of those people who make a living selling books. And I want you to buy my books.

This is where I’m supposed “plug” whatever “project” I happen to be working on now, complete with links to <branded digital distribution channel> or <other branded digital distribution channel> or even a direct link to buy it from my website. (Oh, and I’m also supposed to remind you to repost this stuff on “social media” of all sorts of <branded> flavors to expand my “platform.” Etc.)

But if I don’t buy the stuff, why should I think you will? We’re all paying <branded digital distribution service> and <branded video watching service> and <branded audio listening service> a few bucks a month to provide “content” for “free.”

Interesting H3 Headline Goes Here

This is where I’m supposed to “pivot” and extol the “virtues” of my “brand” and my “product.” I’m supposed to “target” my “audience” and create “value.” I’m supposed to point out the “features” and offer you “price points” with three “tiered options” or maybe I’m supposed to let you “pay what you want” and hope for the best.

Anyway, I’m reading a really good book today. Or ebook. Or whatever it is. It’s enchanting. I think it’s by Ian M. Banks and I’m pretty sure it’s called Arcadia (a novel), because I had to push the <branded digital device> three times just to remember that much.

This is where I’m supposed to put an “affiliate” link so that you can purchase it and give <branded digital distribution service> your money so you can enjoy it, too. Except “affiliate” links don’t work in Rhode Island because our tiny state dared to apply a sales tax a while ago on out-of-state purchases, so <branded gigantic distribution service> turned them off. The law’s been abandoned, but <branded> hasn’t bothered to turn affiliation back on because they really just don’t care.

eye-am-barkminderNeither do I. I am enjoying the novel, though.
—Mark Binder, May 11, 2016

P.S. As I did a “search” for the “image” to go with this “post” I found that I got the author’s name wrong. That’s because when you look up the title on the <branded digital device> you don’t see who wrote it. All you see is the big name of <branded digital distribution service>.