War is over… if we want it

The war in Afghanistan is officially over. We are out of Iraq.
Have we noticed?

This spiral of war began not when Osama Bin Ladin slammed those planes into the towers and killed our citizens.

It began when George W Bush declared war on a terrorist. It continued when he created an “Axis of Evil.”
These wars have sucked out economy dry. They have killed our men and our women. They have hardened our enemies and created more animosity and ill will.
The tortures committed in the name of the United States of America have undermined the ideals that gave our nation an identity and power unique in the world.

These wars are over.
We must notice. We must regain and rebuild our ideals.
We must turn from being a nation of shoppers to a nation of people.
We must tear down the color walls and build bridges across the economic chasms in our communities.
We must avoid entangling ourselves in the conflicts of other nations while providing aid and hope for those who will accept it.

There will always be madmen and madwomen who will try to destroy.
There will always be corrupt leaders who will use these individuals to create fear, thereby growing their power.
There will always be makers of weapons who will profit from these conflicts.

We must declare the war on terror over.
We must begin the work ahead.

Our challenges for the next decade are obvious, but hardly simple
– We must rebuild our economy and move away from the monopolistic dependence on fossil fuel
– We must find ways to educate our children as individuals. They are not cogs in a corporate machine, nor tools for a better economy. They must learn to learn and grow and create their own futures.
– We must adapt to the climates of the future
– We must resist the enticing lure of digital corporations that are slicing percentages from every transaction, diminishing our individualism while creating unregulated dependencies on their services. Small businesses will be unable to compete in this world, unless we begin the work of trust-busting and rehumanizing the Net.
– We must find ways to live that are not based on the impoverishment of others.