Vote for Bernie Sanders

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re thinking too big”
—Bernie Sanders

Sunday April 24, 2016

Dear Voter,

vote-for-bernie-sandersI wish you could have been with me standing in Roger Williams Park listening to Bernie Sanders talk about his campaign to thousands and thousands.

Bernie Sanders’s primary message: Think outside the box. Challenge the political climate and establishment. Vote for the change you want to see in the world, rather than maintaining the status quo.

I’ve heard Mr. Sanders in debates, but I was not prepared for the diversity of topics he discussed. He didn’t talk down to us. He didn’t pander for votes. He spoke eloquently on topics that he has supported and stood for.

  • Equality of pay for women and minorities
  • Healthcare for all Americans
  • The “right” of Wall Street to fail
  • Education that does not bankrupt our youth
  • A restoration of balance in our economy, reversing the shift of wealth to the massively rich
  • Dealing with the reality of climate change and dependency on fossil fuels.
  • He spoke of women’s right to choose and the incarceration economy.
  • And more.

Over the past few months, many people have told me that, “He’ll never get that, so why should I vote for him?” 

Sanders himself said that ten years ago, no one would have imagined that gay marriage would even be possible on all fifty states.

I answer, “No, he probably won’t get it all. But he is the only candidate to address these issue head on from the beginning. Instead of starting from a position of compromise, he has the possibility of pushing any and all of these challenges further than his Democratic opponent.”

People also argue that he won’t beat a strong Republican challenger, to which I answer, he is more likely to defeat any of the current contenders.

On Tuesday, I ask you to vote for Bernie Sanders.

Vote for the change you want to see in our world.


– Mark Binder
 Providence, RI