Toy Fair Fun

Even Ken is hard up these days....

Toy Fair was a trip.

What can you expect when there are thousands (yes, thousands) of manufacturers of toys all striving to get the attention of toy store owners?

  • A Barbie Museum
  • Random Jugglers and Jesters
  • Floating sharks
  • Flying cards
  • Giggles of kids laughter over the soundsystem
  • Lots and lots of tired New Yorkers…

Highlights for me

Signing copies of my CDs and meeting the great folk at NewSound Kids/Allegro Music was great. A nicer bunch of people you couldn’t find.

Me with Liz Doan - my favorite NewSound Kids Person!

They were greatly amused when I started telling “Jack and the Beanstalk” at the top of my lungs, hoping to attract the attention of the Fox News camera crew. It didn’t work, but I did get filmed briefly for Polish television…Probably I should have been wearing something gaudy, garish and flashy, but Lady Gaga stole my egg.

It seems that Mondays at Toy Fair are for the folk who are on a mission. They have people to see, toys to check out, and a long long list of things to do. They very rarely diverge from their plan.

That said, it was fun seeing copies of Classic Stories for Boys and Girls, A Holiday Present and It Was A Dark and Stormy Night on a listening machine!

Good Stuff I mooched… Um… Sampled.

Top of the list:
Pirate Flux! From Looney.labs I’ve been playing Flux for years now, and the Pirate pack is a great variation. The object is to win — and the rules keep changing. It’s quick and easy to learn and alot of fun. The only game I know of that you can join in any time just by drawing cards and starting. You can use it with regular Flux or just play it on your own. New cards. New rules to break. And arrrr. A talk like a pirate card.

ZIP-IT from the makers of Bananagrams. Yes, a Rhode Island-based company, known for it’s Scrabble-like letters in a quick and fun game has switched gear and produced a travel/dice/letters game. Two players get 12 dice each and as soon as one says, “GO” they have to try and arrange a crossword. Played it a few times with the kids. It’s fun and fast. Might be a problem for mismatched spellers. Also, why did they bother putting Q on the dice?

Waboba It’s a ball designed to bounce on the water. I’m taking it with me on vacation in the Bahamas and will let you know what it’s like when I get back.