THE ZOMBIE CAT is being released!

THE ZOMBIE CAT is officially here!

After months and months of waiting, you can (finally) get your copy in print or in ebook!

Written for middle grade, middle school, and adults with a sense of humor, The Zombie Cat includes seven stories, plus a full length chapter-book (novel). 

Fun, funny, disgusting, and exciting—you and your whole family will enjoy the adventures and troubles of Kovar, Charlie, Adam and of course Mark.

There are four editions: softcover, hardcover, ebook and a brand new hardcover Dyslexie Font edition for folks who have challenges reading.

Whichever version you prefer, the stories are the same—they'll keep you entertained, creeped out, and laughing.

FRUSTRATING NOTE: For some reason Amazon seems to be saying it's going to take 1-2 MONTHS to release the book. Which is weird. Even weirder is the fact that there are several "used" copies available. If you want a genuine copy, use the Gumroad option, and you'll get a signed one for the same price as Amazon!

The Zombie Cat Book Cover

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The Zombie Cat by Mark Binder

The Zombie Cat

by Mark Binder

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For some reason Amazon's printed non-Dyslexia version is delayed... Sigh.

THE ZOMBIE CAT is a fun, funny, disgusting and exciting book.
Actually, it's two books in one!
  • Rewind explodes with seven stories about Zombie Cats, Witches, Tsunami and the Bog Monster!
  • The Stink Bomb War is a chapter-book/novel.
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