The Morning After #RebuildNow


The sky here is bright gray with shards of light and hints of blue sky. In the USA, many are asleep or dazed from the results of the election. It was a rough night here. I woke every few hours to check the feed with no good news in sight. And then at breakfast first the concession, and then the acceptance speech.

And with those few words, I will begin telling a new story.

It is time, for a moment at least, to let go the rancour and the emnity and begin to build and rebuild.

It is time for us to heal and come together. We must let go of the jeers and the fears and push toward possibility and reconciliation.

Several years ago, our country abandoned many of its principals. We leaped into a needless war. We have adopted torture and remote controlled assassination as a matter of course. We have abandoned the ideals and the dreams and the commitment to democratic equality, tolerance and free speech.

It is time for us to reclaim those — not as a moral high ground, but as the gifts that we want to own, polish, use, and pass on to our children.

I will, for now, let go of any and all offenses and affronts that arose during the campaign. Our President elect played the game and broke the rules and said much that I found offensive. I will not hold those against him just now.

We could attack and condemn, moan and lament, attack and thwart. But that will rebuild nothing.

Instead, I will look to him to deliver on his promises, and support him in making America great again.

That is something worth speaking and working and fighting for.

– Mark Binder, 11/09/16