The End of School Rationalization and a new serial…

Summer vacation has begun for kids and teachers and for some fortunate parents. For those of us who have “real” jobs. Sigh. Try to enjoy the air conditioning and get to the beach on a sunny day…


I got a lot of feedback from my “rant” last week. Thanks. Many people agreed. Almost no one had any ideas about how to handle the problem, but we’re still thinking on it. I’m tempted to rant again, but it’s too nice a day (yes, it’s cloudy here in Rhode Island, but still a nice day.)


This week, I’m sending out an exclusive new Rationalization not found in “The Rationalization Diet.”

I’m also starting a new serial called, “The Buddha Wears Keds.”


Those of you who have been readers for a while know that I like to send serialized stories. This is the beginning of a new project.



– Mark

Seasonal Rationalizations

First Day of Spring: “This is the last day I can eat if I want to fit into my summer bathing suit.”

First day of Summer:  “Can’t fit into my summer bathing suit today… might as well have an ice cream.”
First day of Autumn:  “I just burned the bathing suit, let’s get sundaes!”
First Day of Winter:  “It’s getting cold. I’d better build up a layer of fat.”

My book, “The Rationalization Diet (Crumbs don’t Count)” has just been re-released in ebook form on Kindle and Nook for only $2.99. A humorous anti-diet book, it’s got 50% more rationalizations!


Rationalization Diet for Nook:

Rationalization Diet for Kindle:


The Buddha Wore Keds

a new serialized story

by Mark Binder


Episode 1

“The Empty Room”


The room was quiet. The old man sat on the floor with his legs folded. It was an otherwise empty space with wood floors and white walls. A few pieces of black ink calligraphy hung at infrequent intervals. Which, the young man supposed, was a kind of ornament in itself.

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