Returning to the Right of Return

Last week I got some interesting responses to “The Right of Return.” I got a few emails from folk who thought the piece was going to be about Jews returning to Israel. Sorry. Not. (See below)

Then there were the insightful ones.

A reader who is an attorney wrote, “it doesn’t seem to me that you have any ‘right’ to return a purchased item unless, of course, there’s been some breach of the contract you entered into with the merchant. Absent that, you’re relying upon the merchant’s good graces. It’s simply not something you should expect (though you very clearly seem to carry just such an expectation), and it’s not something that should lead you to be angry at the merchant if he, she or it has fulfilled their end of the bargain, but you — after the fact — have developed some second thoughts about the transaction. Moreover, in that scenario, it seems to me to be very unfair to the merchant to start making noises about boycott.”

And a former shopkeeper agreed, “The sign in the store said ‘No Returns’.  The item you purchased was on sale and you purchased it without any genuine examination.  That seems to indicate you chose not to enter into this transaction with any conscious intent of getting a satisfactory purchase.  Maybe it was the discounted price you liked and hoped that whatever it was you bought, she would like your bargain.   It’s not that you failed to buy the correct gift so much you wanted the transaction to be fully on your terms.  Possibly it was an impulse purchase but the terms of purchase still apply.”

Both pieces of feedback were awesome and well-landed. I could defend myself by saying that the title, “The Right of Return” was meant to be a play on the “right” of Jews to return to Israel… I could defend myself by arguing…

But let’s face it, they’re right. Sigh. Don’t you hate that?

More disturbing was one reader’s reaction to the description of a “chick store.” She found it offensive.
Really? Anyone else out there agree?

It’s amazing. Some days you can’t write anything without offending someone…

Have an awesome week!