Respectful Ramadan Video… and More Video


The Holiday season begins with Ramadan, a Muslim holiday celebrated for a month. During Ramadan, folk fast during the day, and eat after dark.

I was in a Halal restaurant in Boston for lunch yesterday, and the owner explained that they closed during the day, opened at sunset and were busy until two a.m.
“Hard work, but a lot of fun,” the owner said.

To celebrate, I’ve been telling Ramadan stories all week.
One of them was videoed at the Boston Bruins event on Monday in Plainfield

The story, “My House is Too Small For Ramadan” is a traditional story filtered through my sensibility and told (with the help) of a crowd of kids.

After the show, someone came up to me and said, “My son recognized that story, but it was about Rosh Hashanah!”
Evidently, the PJ Library released that edition of the story.

I think it’s wonderful that the story, which has been retold from China to London, can be reframed to make it both universal and specific.

To listen my favorite version of the story on “A Holiday Present” my new album. Download the whole album.
It’s finally in some stores (release date to come) or you can download the album story  on iTunes or Rhapsody!

So, to all the Muslims out there, the traditional Jewish Yom Kippur greeting, “Have a good fast!”

More Video!
Yes, the Barkminder enters the 21st century….

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