Reading and Enjoyment with Dyslexia (or without…)

A new book that reaches out to readers with challenges…

One of my goals as a writer and storyteller is to distribute stories and books (and audio) to as wide an audience as I can.

My friend, Charlie Westcott (@taichicharlie) told me he had dyslexia and found it difficult to read books.

My publisher and I decided to engage in an experiment with a new font called Dyslexie, which is designed to help readers with dyslexia and other disabilities “get into” a book.

That’s why we’ve released, “The Zombie Cat” in a hardcover Dyslexie Font edition. It’s the same book — but with more pages, and a bigger font.

We hope you’ll read and enjoy the book (click the picture to buy it on Amazon or use one of the links below). And email us to let us know what you

Here are a few other resources for you:

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