ReadBoston Day 1

I can’t remember if this is my 12th or 13th year of ReadBoston, but it’s always fun to start the week off with a variety of stories for a variety of kids and adults. ReadBoston is a program designed to distribute free books all summer long.

Yesterday I was in Alston — at a boys and girls club, the library, and a community center camp. As always there was a fair amount of chaos, but the day went well. I try to tell different stories at each site, mostly to keep my energy fresh. As always, it’s fascinating to feel the vibe difference between Providence and Beantown. So many more people, cars, motor scooters.. Fewer bikes.

End of the day exhaustion. Even though I only do 3 short sessions, I realized that the emotional buildup before the show, as well as the “who am I telling to today?” uncertainty takes its toll.

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