Experts say that reading and telling stories with your children is crucial. It can also be challenging. It’s late. You’re tired… and so are they. And the kids might be grumpy, too!

The Bed Time Story BookMark Binder has been championing the cause of Reading and Telling Stories with children for decades. His collections of stories, The Bed Time Story Book, Kings, Wolves, Princesses and Lions, and Genies, Giants and a Walrus collect some favorite (and a few original) tales for families to share. These books include tips and tricks and essays for reading and telling stories.

Reading and Telling Stories with Young People (Literacy and Storytelling)

Program for Adults, Parents, Teachers, Caregivers

How can parents read and tell stories more effectively to their children? What other tools can teachers use to communicate with their students? Learn the basics of story telling and story reading.

Intent and goal: To give parents basic tools to feel more comfortable telling stories with their children. Gives teachers and others ideas and tips for adding depth to their work.

“Parents, caregivers and teachers were entertained and educated by storyteller and author Mark Binder. His workshop, Telling and Reading Stories to Children , was an exciting mix of storytelling, factual information and practical strategies for home and school use….”
— Joan Serra, Families Learning Together, Westerly Public Schools.

This program includes storytelling, conversation and lecture, tips and tricks, reading demonstrations and more stories.

It has been presented for a variety of different groups:

  • Parents of young children
  • Teachers and caregivers
  • Adult Ed and Literacy Programs
  • Families together

Each group gets a slightly different focus. For example, teachers will often get an opportunity to practice and get coaching. The program is often dovetailed with a book signing and giveaway.

Learn to read, share and tell stories with confidence

Kings Wolves and Genies GiantsTelling and Reading Stories with Children is a fun combination of reading stories, telling stories and how-to for the parents. The idea is to sneak it up on parents so they hear the message, and enjoy the program.

For teachers, this is a chance to troubleshoot and learn. For parents, it’s encouragement that you’re not alone.

This program offers discounts on autographed copies Mark’s books, so that each participant has a personalized tool that they can take home and use immediately!

Programs can be for small groups of parents or educators (10-30) or larger groups of parents and families (up to 200+) The length of the workshop depends on your needs. It can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as 90 minutes, depending on your community.

Course Support materials include…

  • The “It’s Aloud” Article by Mark Binder on reading and telling stories.
  • Individual purchases or group discounts on Mark’s books and audio. Mark’s books support parents by giving them high-quality personalized resource materials. These include tips for parents, as well as fun stories to share with children.
    Programs can pre-order books for signing/giveaway to participants.

    • The Bed Time Story Book
    • Transmit Joy audio storybook
    • Kings, Wolves, Princesses and Lions

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