Stories for Peace

What are the consequences of violence?

Can problems be solved peacefully?

How can we resolve conflicts? How can we handle bullies?

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Programs for schools, libraries, religious groups and community centers

We are now scheduling Stories for Peace tour for schools, libraries, churches, synagogues, mosques and community centers. The program also includes powerful demonstrations that can enable participants to create peace in their own homes and communities.

Combining storytelling skills with martial arts experience, Mark Binder presents a 45 to 90 minute program that is both entertaining and discussion provoking. These programs are age-adjusted and are appropriate for K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 as well as adults and mixed family groups.

In addition to offering possibilities for handling bullies, Mark raises issues and presents options around negotiating peace, peace through laughter, the power of peace, and peace of mind.

As a lecturer/storyteller, Mark's presentations are 100% engaging. He knows how to capture and hold an audience's imagination.


 "With our older students, he focused on stories from his newest collection, Stories for Peace, and these were a big crowd-pleasure. Our student council has focused their efforts for the past two years on anti-bullying programs, and Mark’s signature story, “The Bully and the Shrimp,” has become a school-wide favorite. The fact that both the bully and the bullied in that story end up reaching out to each other in friendship truly brought home the message we’ve been trying to articulate to our students. Mark’s storytelling and writing made the concepts come alive for everyone."
—Liverpool Elementary School

"Everyone agrees that the world needs peace.
It is also true that the world needs stories. Mark Binder brings these two needs together and in a short time, children and adults will be amazed how they will learn together, laugh together, dream together, and be inspired to continuing creating peace in the world. What a wonderful gift for any community to continue this work that began at the beginning of time and is made real for us in Mark's stories."
—Rev. T. Michael Rock
Pastor / Community Activist / Nonviolence Trainer


From "Stories for Peace" - Part 1 - Rosa Parks Story - all ages
Live recording. Note, the actual performance does not include the photo montage.

From "The Art of Peace" - Part 2 - Demonstration- all ages
Live recording of a demonstration of Aikido philosophy as a means of solving conflict.
Note: This was an elementary school presentation. This program is appropriate for a wide age range through high school and adult.

Peace of MindThe Two Monks and the Gross Slimy Monster -- a Zen Story.
Peace in ConflictThe Bully and the Shrimp--resolving a schoolyard conflict.
The Power of PeaceRosa Parks -- one woman helps change the world.
Choosing PeaceThe Olive Orchard -- A tale of destruction and redemption