Politics and Storytelling

    Politics and Storytelling Stories make change happen. When you change a story, you can change a culture. The stories we tell about ourselves, our country, and "them" affect how we live and behave. This is a new program for grades 6-12. Mark will be glad to design and "personalize" it for your organization. Possible topics include: democracy

    The Zombie Cat Book and Story Tour

    The Zombie Cat… on tour Recommended for Middle Grade, Middle School, High School and Adults "Fun, funny, disgusting and exciting…" that's what the back cover blurb says.  Designed to capture and hold the attention of today's youth, this program combines readings, storytelling and question-answer with mini teaching lessons for older students (and adults with a sense

    It Ate My Sister (and other family stories)

    Is that “true?” I get asked that question alot. I like to answer by saying that all of my stories are true, and some of them really happened… The book It Ate My Sister is “the 100% true autobiography of an award-winning writer and professional liar. The performance It Ate My Sister is a live version of many

    Read a little every day!

    Read a Little Every Day! Listening to stories encourages reading. Hearing stories is a fun way to connect young people with the joy of reading. Mark’s reading programs include a blend of reading, storytelling and the occasional song. Stories include: The Billy Goats Gruff, Og!, The Three Pigs and more! Program adapts based on the group’s age. Listen

    Silly Stories (and songs) that Encourage Reading

    Silly Stories and Tall Tales Most programs begin with a story that might be familiar… Jack and the Beanstalk • Three Pigs • Cinderella Spinderella From there, who knows? Mark has a repertoire of more than 150 stories…   Enjoy tales from around the world that will make you laugh. A selection of fine and funny fables

    Spooky Comedy – for Halloween, campfires and fun

    Wanna jump? Laugh? Feel a shiver up and down your spine? Mark Binder’s spooky stories are a blend of comedy, tall tale, with a dash of age-appropriate* horror. In concert as a live performer at schools, festivals, theaters and libraries, Mark captures rooms full of teens, scouts, students, teachers and families and keeps them riveted

    Transmit Joy – Family Story Concerts for all ages

    Mark has a repertoire of more than 150 stories and songs. You can select a theme with him, or allow him to choose “Omakase” style — based on the season, weather and mood of the crowd. All of Mark’s family programs adjust based on the age/demographics of the people in the audience. In other words, the stories will be

    Reading and Telling Stories with Children: an inspiring program for parents and caregivers …

    Experts say that reading and telling stories with your children is crucial. It can also be challenging. It’s late. You’re tired… and so are they. And the kids might be grumpy, too! Mark Binder has been championing the cause of Reading and Telling Stories with children for decades. His collections of stories, The Bed Time Story Book, Kings, Wolves,

    Summer Reading? You Bet!

    This year, Mark is offering two themes: STORIES FOR A BETTER WORLD or READ A LITTLE EVERY DAY! (He’s even got song for that.) Mark will read and tell your patrons fun stories that will build harmony and the joy of stories. Perfect for any library encouraging youngsters to READ! With stories like “Foolish Jack” and songs like “Read

    Cinderella Spinderella – and other tales of diversity

    One summer I was telling stories to diverse audiences in Boston and disabled youngsters in Newport. I wanted a story that would connect both groups, despite their differences. Cinderella Spinderella was a perfect fit… When Mark Binder began performing Cinderella Spinderella, he had no idea that it would take a decade before the story would be released first as

    … for people with special needs

    Mark really connects… Over the years, We’ve found that storytelling is an amazing way to connect one person with another. As a writer and performer, Mark shares traditional and original tales in a manner that is appropriate for and respectful of the listener. In other words, he adapts his work so that your students can

    Camp Storytelling

    Awesome Fun at Camp! Campfire Tales • Spooky Stories • Tall Tales Fun, funny, exciting, entertaining and excellent! Sitting around the fire, hearing stories… Isn’t that what camp is all about? Even if you don’t have a fire, Mark’s stories keep campers enthralled! “We truly enjoyed his time here and the kids absolutely loved him!

    Workshops: Improv Writing (and Telling) for Students, Teachers, and Adults

    Improvisational Story Writing WorkshopDon’t struggle — create. This is Mark’s revolutionary writing workshop. 60-90 minutes. Grades 3 to 12 and adults Single day, multiple days - Hands on and energetic! Participants will create characters, set a scene, unfold a plot. Over the course of the session(s), every single participant will begin to craft a complete

    Eureka! Science and Math Stories

    Eureka! Science and Math Stories Note: The Eureka Stories Programs are presented by special arrangement only. If you’re interested, please call us at (401) 272-8707. Eureka! Breakthrough Workshop for Educators How can telling and listening to stories change the way your students learn? This workshop trains teachers on the basics of the Eureka! process. Developing

    The Art of Harmony / Stories for Peace and resolving conflicts

    The Program The Book What are the consequences of violence?”Mark proved to be an excellent choice for our yearly author visit. His stories were fresh, original, amusing and, at times, heartwarming.” Can problems be solved peacefully? How can we handle bullies? There are alternatives… Mark Binder’s program, “Stories for Peace” offers students and people of all

    A Holiday Present! multicultural stories from around the world

    Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Diwali, Solstice and the New Years…  for families and groups of any and all ages “Mark Binder does a really fun December Holiday show which incorporates all the holidays along with twists on fairy tales and some music. We had him last year and the families had a great time.” -Lynn Lesperance