Politics as Unusual

Dear Senators Whitehouse and Reed,

This is what dictatorship looks like. A leader in office—whether elected or by junta—wields every aspect of power according to his agenda or whim. 

Compromise is not an option. 

Because we are a democratic republic, parliamentary defeat is not an option.

The only option is staunch opposition and sweeping implementation of every check and balance available.

I call on you to do your duty as my elected representative to use every iota of your power to oppose and block any and every action that moves our country backward.

Do not threaten or negotiate. Do not approve appointments. Attack with rhetoric and legislation. Filibuster. Vote Nay.

If this shuts the government down, and the executive achieves some of his stated goals, so be it. To allow the unfettered spending and authorizing that we are seeing enacted to continue will destroy everything that we hold to be “self-evident.”

You can not negotiate with terror. You cannot reason with megalomania. The United States of America has seen its visions of possibility eroded, now we are on the brink of collapse. 

As a voter who has supported you in the past, I charge you to do everything to stop our President. Block him at every turn.

Abandon past political practices. Do not pick and choose, hoping that your vote on any given issue or appointment will produce reasonableness in exchange. It is already clear that the President believes that his vision and mandate is absolute; he owes nothing to anyone. Accommodation today will be treated as license for tomorrow’s insane agenda, not a return to the center. 

There is little doubt that your stand against tyranny will be personally dangerous. Your oath is not to the President, but to our country and our citizens.

Please let me know what you need in return.

Tell me what you think