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It’s always astounding to see a group of 3-5 year olds laughing and listening and sitting still for 30 or 45 minutes. Mark Binder’s stories for the younger set are engaging and fun!

Mark’s programs are appropriate for listeners with language skills (ages 3-100).
He can tell stories with groups of all sizes, and will work to personalize a program for your center.

If you’ve never seen the power of spoken-word storyteller, to observe the dramatic effect that they have on young people, we recommend downloading one of Mark’s audio recordings, and playing them for your group.

To download a copy of Mark’s essay, “It’s aloud” from The Bed Time Story Book, please click here

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to share a story with you.  Since I bought your classic stories cd I’ve played it while the children rest.  We talked about using their thoughts and imagination to think about a picture that goes along with your words.
They love it!!!
Today, two children at playtime asked me if they could use the felt pieces to the three little pigs.  I didn’t think anything of it and handed them the envelope.  After a few minutes I heard them telling the story.  They were using your words… word for word!  It was adorable, I wish you could of heard them.  I can’t believe they memorized your version so quickly.  They even added the pizza part.  They used the same tone you did.  It was great.  They were so into it.  When they were done I applauded them on a job well done.  We decided to draw out the story and tomorrow they will tell it to their classmates.
-Littlebrook Child Day Care

Mark has a huge repertoire of stories that change based on the needs of the listeners, the season, and even the weather. You can invite Mark back again and again and every time he’ll have new stories to add to the old favorites.

Mark also offers training program for teachers and parents, as well as evening family “story concerts”.

Recommended Programs include:

  • Silly Stories for any season
  • A Holiday Present
  • Author Visit
  • Family Concerts
  • Telling and Reading Stories with Children (workshop for teachers and parents)

One affordable way to schedule an event is to see when Mark is in your area and invite him to come before or after.

Check out his tour calendar here…

For more information, and to book a show, please call (401) 272-8707