Making your Website and Domain Happy – how to change registrars

Twice today I spoke with people who are unhappy with their domain host/registrar. It was the same company. (Let’s call them AbusiveTravelingFather.Com or This company offers inexpensive registration and cheap domain hosting, but then traps you with a bad interface, cryptic messages, limited phone support, and basically holds your website hostage. So you want […]

No doubt about system

“Clinton clinches historic nomination” —Boston Globe On the eve of the California primary, the race has been called. Again. From the beginning, way way back, it was a “certainty” because of the Super Delegates, who declared their fealty to Secretary Clinton. As I explained to my son, they know her. She helped to get them elected or reelected. […]

Vote for Bernie Sanders

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re thinking too big” —Bernie Sanders Sunday April 24, 2016 Dear Voter, I wish you could have been with me standing in Roger Williams Park listening to Bernie Sanders talk about his campaign to thousands and thousands. Bernie Sanders’s primary message: Think outside the box. Challenge the political climate and […]