Folk often ask, What have you been working on?”  I often don’t know what to say because I keep so many projects happening. Then they ask, “Well, what’s your favorite?” That’s like saying, which is your favorite child! You might have one, but you can’t really say…
—Me (Mark Binder)


COMING SOON The Zombie Cat – a complete book including 7 stories and novella/chapter book!

Bespoke Tales – Stories written just for you

Writing a story to fit your life… Tell me what you want, and I’ll give it a try. Click here for more

World Tour 2016-2020…

Mark’s off to London, Paris, Dublin and Sneem! Click here for more

Transmit Joy Audio Book

transmit_joy_front_cover_webA new audio storybook? Just won Parents’ Choice Gold! World tour next! That’s the plan.

In September, we’ll be releasing “Transmit Joy!” 10 Audio Stories in CD and digital editions.

Story Singles

I was in the basement and found lots of stuff in file cabinets*.

Vertical File Cabinet - 5 Drawer, Tan H-3705TRather than wait until the moment is rights, I’m going to release these from time to time to subscribers, and on my new Gumroad Channel. Please BUY stuff. You’ll support “the arts”, support “the artist”, and get something awesome to read or listen to.

*File cabinets are what we used for document storage before disk drives became less expensive than fresh air. We would put paper into a “manila” folder, and then hang those in “Pendaflex” folders inside a big metal box.

Ideation Phase

There’s a serialized adventure for young people called “Once Upon… The End…” that’s in the recording studio… There’s a possible book for Middle Grades… There’s a book for adults in the works… And of course these great projects too!

Future  — More Ideas in the pipeline…

  • Once Upon… The End (a very long story in very short chapters for very small people)
  • Continued touring at schools, libraries, festivals, etc…

2016 and earlier…

Halloween Spooky Stuff

Whether you’re looking for laughs, creepy jitters, or something revolting, here are three options…
A Dead Politician, An Undead Clam, and An Ancient Horror and It was a dark and stormy night… Click here for more details and to purchase your copies.


Every Hero Has a Story – Book and Tour

Every summer, libraries have thematic reading programs. Several years ago, I learned the name of this year’s theme, and decided to write a book with that title.

Every Hero Has a Story is a chapter book of adventures. The book tells the story of a prince and princess who are washed away in a flood, and find themselves in a barn full of people sharing tales on a wet and rainy night.

Based roughly in the format for my storytelling performances, it blends stories for young people with stories for older readers and listeners, becoming what I hope is a book that can be read across an entire family. Stories can be read by adults and older children and read to younger children, and enjoyed by all. The book includes my (humorous) variation on Jack and the Beanstalk, the story of how Og the Caveman invented storytelling (and fiction), a somewhat modernized version of the African tale, “How Rabbit Drank Boiling Water,” and my Chelm take on the classic story of Rachel the Wise. There are other original stories, including “The Short Tale of Erika P. Spunk” and “The Last Adventure of Sinbad the sailor.” Of course by the end of the evening, both the Prince and the Princess have grown and learned.


Please check out the hardcover, softcover and ebook on Amazon or the ebook on iBooks and Google Play, kobo.

For information about the program:

Cinderella Spinderella – Book and Tour

cinderella_spinderella_fall_midnight_flightA few years ago, I was telling stories in urban Boston to a diverse group of kids — all ages, all ethnicities, all background. That same summer I was in Newport telling at a camp for youngsters with severe disabilities. I wanted to find a single story that all of those people could share.

I began working on the story a decade ago. Steve Mardo started doing the illustrations in 2012. We’ve had a successful Kickstarter, recorded the audio, and the drawings are complete! The ebook has already won five major awards!

Cinderella Spinderella is now available in print. It’s the first inclusive illustrated book and ebook for families, using today’s technology to give a classic story a contemporary message of empowerment. And it’s fun!

For information about the program:

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