No doubt about system

“Clinton clinches historic nomination”
—Boston Globe

On the eve of the California primary, the race has been called. Again.

From the beginning, way way back, it was a “certainty” because of the Super Delegates, who declared their fealty to Secretary Clinton.

As I explained to my son, they know her. She helped to get them elected or reelected. They can count on her, and she can count on them.

How sad that the Democratic Party doesn’t have the integrity to allow the voters in California to have their say without interference.

While it is likely that I will vote for the Presumptive Democratic Candidate against the Presumptive Republican Candidate, I know that vote enables the corruption of our system.

I wish the candidate of the Democratic Party, whoever that may be, the best. I hope that you work to decrease the influence of money in politics. That you unite our diverse nation. That you begin to plan for a world where sea levels rise and energy costs spike. That you build an America that stands for freedom and democracy and cooperation, not simply the flow of capitol and guns.

I will vote. And I will continue to fight.