Mark Binder - aaah!As an author, I actually don’t spend much time “reading” my work to people. I “tell.”

For fifteen years, I’ve been touring the United States telling stories in a way that many people have never experienced. It’s sort of like the old-style comedy that Bill Cosby used to do. I get up in the front of the room and tell stories. The stories change based on who’s there and what’s going on in the world.

One of the truly amazing values of storytelling is the way it connects across generations. This was a presentation to 300 high schoolers. It takes them a few minutes to get into it, but you can hear their excitement as the story builds. The only problem was that the darned iPhone stopped recording. (So to find out more about Cinderella Spidnerella click here.)

I’ve performed at campfires and festivals, in schools and churches and theaters. I’ve given shows in parking lots, and on the Boston Common. My goal—to rock out and transmit joy.

Put me in front of 600 middle school kids. Give me an audience of families with ages from 6 to 60. Let me talk to senior citizens, high schoolers and preschoolers. I’ll find the right story to tell that will make you laugh and smile.