Library Programs: storytelling (and songs) from an award-winning author!

Mark Binder is a dynamic author and storyteller who knows how to read and tell stories that connect everyone in the room. His storytelling engages children and adults ages 3 to 103. Whether it's a song to catch the attention, an updated classic that takes you for an adventure, or an original tall tale that holds every listener breathless, you and your patrons will be captivated.

Start planning now for autumn, winter, spring, and next summer.
Here are some of Mark's programs — but do get in touch if you want a program tailored for you!

Mark is so easy to work with in planning a program!
He always asks for information on what type of audience we expect, how many people there might be, etc.,and then he tailors his program accordingly. BUT, best of all, if the audience numbers or ages that arrive are not what was expected, Mark easily adjusts his program to the group."
—Westerly Public Library


"I loved hearing your stories and especially enjoyed how the kids responded. You have a knack for knowing your audience and gauging what they'd like to hear. They were also very happy to know they could purchase your book, so what a success that was! Again, we sure appreciated your visit."
—Wilbraham Public Library