“When I started telling stories, the age range was much wider than it is now. The perception in the world seems to be that stories are only for little kids. To that, I say, HA!”
– Mark Binder

Mark doesn’t treat high schoolers like little kids. He knows that they have different expectations and needs.

“After fifth grade, kids get too cool. That’s when they’re the most fun to surprise.”

Mark enjoys the challenge of hooking the attention of teens, and then keeping them engaged. His stories are designed to get under their radar, and invite them to participate. Students (and teacher) listen with smiles on their faces, and are always eager to hear more.

“You have a great rapport with the kids, a key to getting them to have fun and stay attuned to the program.”
– Jeff Zanelli, ReadBoston Coordinator

317 Watermelons (for Freedom) – older ages
How my best friend and I helped to bring down the Berlin Wall

Recommended Programs include:

For more information, please call (401) 272-8707.

Urban or suburban, from Dorchester and Roxbury and Providence to Cumberland or Coventry, Mark has a repertoire of stories that will suit any group and sensibility. He has the ability to talk about the process of writing and creating tales, and then shifting gears to tell a story that is dead-on appropriate for the group at that moment.

“His writing and story making workshops are truly revolutionary. In less than two hours, he can teach a methodology for creating whole stories, and call the students to actually write and tell their own tales.”

Whether you’re looking for an educational program that’s fun or a fun program that’s educational, Mark has an assortment of shows and workshops that will fit any occasion.

As both an author and a storyteller, Mark is unique in his ability to talk about the reading and writing process — while still keeping groups of all ages engaged.

In classrooms, libraries, cafeterias and auditoriums, Mark adapts his program to the needs of your organization and your listeners. He has several sound systems that can accommodate even the largest spaces.

Story programs are 45 minutes. Intensive story making workshops are 90-120 minutes.

You can invite Mark back again and again and every time he’ll have new stories to add to the old favorites.

His books, “It Ate My Sister” and “The Brothers Schlemiel” and his CD “It was a dark and stormy night… ” are perfect examples of Mark’s work and ability to capture the imagination.