Get “A Holiday Present” – seven stories for five dollars!

I’ve been listening to my catalog of stories, and one of my favorites is “A Holiday Present.”

It was recorded at the Park School in Warwick on the last day of school before the holiday break. The entire school—K through Fifth grades were packed into an all-purpose room and were totally awesome listeners

  • Jack and the Christmas Tree
  • The Boy Who Hated Latkes
  • The Gold Coins (Diwali)
  • My House is too Small for Ramadan
  • A Kwanzaa Surprise
  • Og Saves the World
  • Give to Me Some Cookies
  • BONUS SONG: We wish you a merry multicultural end of year holiday season.

It was recorded live in one take with only five edits in the remastering!
I highly recommend you buy this!