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WARNING: These stories aren’t meant to be educational… They’re supposed to be fun.

(If you’re a parent or booking agent, trust me, I know that what is considered fun varies widely from age to age — and community to community. In a live setting, I adjust based on the audience.)

Ellen vs. the Snakes Ellen vs. the Snakes

a six part serialization commissioned by the Seekonk Public Library.Listen to the Audio and read the text.

From the book “It Ate My Sister (and other family tales)

(Audience — Grades 3 and up — for people who enjoy fun stories and have a good sense of humor) 

listenListen: The Tale of Bad Breath Bill (mp3)

a story for middle and elementary school based on a trip to Wyoming.
From Tall Tales, Whoppers and Lies, and as somtimes heard in the programs “Tales from the Outdoors”, “Americana” and “Tall Tales”

VideoVideo: Og – First Scientist by Mark Binder – for First Grade

7 min 28 sec Description: Who was the very first scientist? A caveman named Og. This story was presented before a group of first-graders, and was funded by a grant from the United States Department of Education.

VideoVideo: Stories for Peace – Part 1 – Rosa Parks Story

Live recording of a portion of my “Art of Peace” program.
Note: the actual performance does not include the photo montage.

readEssay: Telling and Reading Stories with Kids

From “The Bed Time Story Book”

readPonder: Franz, Albert and Maria — Three stories based on portraits in the RISD Museum 20th century Gallery.

This was a commissioned piece for the RISD Museum.

ListenMP3Live Bait LogoListen Story – The Wall of Death — Recorded at “Live Bait” Perishable Theater, February 2009