mark_flipped“They tell you to write about what you know. I can’t do that. If I wrote about the people I know, nobody I like would talk with me. So I’ve taken to invention, fiction and occasionally outright lying. Usually this has humorous results.”
—Mark Binder

sister_book_coverIt Ate My Sister is Mark’s most popular collection of “autobiographical fiction.” A novel structured as a series of unrelated stories about his family, it offers laughter, thrills, and the occasional insight into growing up in America.

It was a dark and stormy night… was actually recorded live in front of 800 middle school students. More “spooky comedy” than straight storytelling, it’s guaranteed to make you laugh and smile.

Tall Tales, Whoppers and Lies was recorded live at two New England Folk Festivals. These are some of Mark’s favorite stories told in his energetic and laid back style. 


Mark loves to perform his comedy stories in front of audiences of 200, 400, 600, and more.

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