Cinderella Spinderella is in stores and… on tour!

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cinderella_spinderella_fall_midnight_flightA few years ago, I was telling stories in urban Boston to a diverse group of kids — all ages, all ethnicities, all background. That same summer I was in Newport telling at a camp for youngsters with severe disabilities. I wanted to find a single story that all of those people could share.

I began working on the story a decade ago. Steve Mardo started doing the illustrations in 2012. We’ve had a successful Kickstarter, recorded the audio, and the drawings are complete! The ebook has already won five major awards!

Cinderella Spinderella is the first inclusive illustrated book and ebook for families, using today’s technology to give a classic story a contemporary message of empowerment. And it’s fun!

Listen to an excerpt from the book

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