Cinderella – Live and a question…

Cinderella wheels her way home from the ball... (Draft of illustration)

Cinderella wheels her way home from the ball… (Draft of illustration)

We need some help.

We’re trying to figure out how to describe the Cinderella Spinderella ebook so that people understand and want to read it. But it’s been challenging to do it from the inside while worrying about political correctness.

Can you help us by describing it better? A sentence? A few words? Send an email to

Sample: Cinderella Spinderella is the first ebook that allows readers to choose what ethnic group the heroine comes from. It allows readers to identify with the story more directly. And it’s an awesome version of the story. Oh, and she’s in a wheelchair.

But shorter and better?


Oh, and meanwhile, you can listen to a rather softly recorded live version of the story…

Listen to Cinderella Spinderella a live (somewhat quiet) recording