Chiri Bim

Where did the tune “Chiri Bim” Come from? The village of Chelm, of course!
This video was recorded live at the National Yiddish Book Center in front of a multi-generational audience.

For more than 20 years, Mark Binder’s original tales of Chelm have been touching readers and listeners around the world.  Mark’s Chelm stories have been printed in nearly every Jewish newspaper and magazine around the world, and many non-Jewish publications as well.

Chelm, if you don’t know, is a village of fools, but Mark’s stories are warm and heartfelt. Each character lives and breathes and grows over time.

Mark Binder’s first Chelm collection, A Hanukkah Present, came in second for the National Yiddish Book award for Family Literature. Other books in the series include, Matzah Mishugas and The Brothers Schlemiel as well as the audio books, A Chanukah Present and The Brothers Schlemiel From Birth to Bar Mitzvah.

While the story is designed for a live audience, a printed version of “Chiri Bim” is included in the book Stories for Peace.

“I began writing stories of Chelm when I was working as the editor of the Rhode Island Jewish HeraldOne day a reporter failed to submit a story, so I wrote one on deadline.

“Frequently I wonder where did this idea come from? And after ruminating for a while I find it’s almost always from one or the other villagers in Chelm.
—Mark Binder

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