Jewish storytelling for everyone that transmits joy.

Mark Binder’s Jewish Stories are for ALL Affiliations and Generations:
Reform, Orthodox, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Chabad, Unaffiliated, Blended…
…Catholic, Muslim, Protestant, Quaker, Athiest…
Children, families and adults!

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Mark Binder Jewish Storytelling at the National Yiddish Book Center

“Mark Binder is a real person who tells real stories from the heart! He touches all ages with universal tales… He is a consummate professional, who entertains with ease and joy. Every time he has performed here at the Yiddish Book Center he has surprised and delighted our audiences.”
—Program Director, National Yiddish Book Center


“Mark was wonderful in every sense of the word.  His stories were heartwarming and engaging. Thank you Mark for spreading your unique brand of joy!”
— Rabbi Max Davis, Congregation B’nai Torah

When author and storyteller Mark Binder tells his tales, young and old people smile and laugh and sit on the edge of their chairs. His “Life in Chelm” book series includes Matzah Mishugas and A Hanukkah Present. Many of these stories were originally published in Jewish newspapers around the world. Mark’s novel,The Brothers Schlemiel, was initial serialized for two years in the Houston Jewish Herald.

Mark began writing stories and books of Chelm nearly 20 years ago as the editor of the Rhode Island Jewish Herald. Since then he has written more than 100 stories and a novel.

The novel, The Brothers Schlemiel was originally serialized over two years  in 100 weekly installments in The Houston Jewish Voice. The book was published in a severely abridged hardcover edition by Jewish Publications Society. The current edition restores the complete adventures of Abraham and Adam and follows them through the entirety of their lives together. To learn more and to buy copies, please click here.

hanukkah_book_cover hanukkah_cd_coverA Hanukkah Present! is both an award-winning book and an award-winning audio album. Where did Hanukkah Presents originate? How did Joseph win his bride with the spin of a Dreidel? The book was the finalist for the National Jewish Book Award for Family Literature, and includes eleven stories and a novella of Chelm. The album is eight intertwined tales, plus a modern story that was revised in the printed book. Confusing? Well, it wouldn’t be Chelm otherwise. Learn more, please click here

matzah_book_coverMatzah Mishugas includes eight more tales of Chelm centered around the holiday of Passover. Learn about Mrs. Chaipul’s lead sinker matzoh balls. Find out what happens when Mark Twain accidentally ends up in Chelm. Learn more, please click here