Change Russian History – an open letter to Trump Electors

Dear Electors,

I have direct experience with deception politics.

Several years ago, when I ran for state representative against the then Speaker of Rhode Island’s House Gordon Fox, I said that he was corrupt. I pointed to the evidence of insider deals and more. Fox attacked, saying I was at the center of a conspiracy theory. He threw mud at me, claiming that I was being manipulated by Republicans. He won reelection by going teary-eyed about his humble origins, and then lied to my face and to Rhode Island’s voters. He’s in prison today for bribery and campaign corruption.

I hope you aware of the evidence that is rapidly piling up—not from fantasy news sources—that Donald Trump is if not a puppet then a pawn of the Russians. While none of this would stand up in court, reliable sources like the New York Times, Washington Post and even the CIA have pointed to the evidence that Russian hacking influenced the election by releasing documents damning Hillary Clinton while withholding anything that might damage Republicans.

Trump’s tweets on Taiwan earlier this month have already begun to destabilize and create conflict between the United States and Russia’s other big competitor. He ignores high-level intelligence briefings.

His recent attacks on the military and Boeing budgets—which may be completely justified—are putting our armed forces at risk in a move that will certainly change the balance of military technological power.

This week it was announced that Trump’s pick for Secretary of State is Rex Tillerson, the CEO of ExxonMobil and a Russian cheerleader. He’s also an oil man, as is Scott Pruitt, Trump’s pick for EPA chief. Together, these two men are likely to oppose the scientific evidence that world’s climate is changing and sea levels are rising. They will certainly continue to promote a high-carbon/pro-oil policy around the world.

You, the Electoral College representatives, may have seen the changes happening to our coastline. You’ve might have noticed the warmer winters. Maybe you’ve visited downtown Providence or Newport or Miami Beach at a high “super tide” and have observed that the sea’s water really is lapping at our feet.

It is not a “huuuge” leap of faith to suggest that weather damaging the infrastructures of New York City, Boston, Seattle, Florida, the East and West Coasts and Washington DC would serve Russia’s long-term interests.

Is Trump Putin’s patsy? There’s an old joke that says, “Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean that they’re not out to get me.”

My guess is that you hated the idea of Hillary Clinton for President. You might have thought she was a manipulative liar.

However, you’ve seen the lengths Mr. Trump has gone to manipulate the election, and his cabinet list indicates that he’s in Wall Street’s pocket too.

I invite you, I ask you, I request that you use your United States Constitutional mandate and cast your vote freely in the Electoral College.

As weird as it seems, you are the only people who stand between the USA and a Moscow-puppet Manchurian President.

Cast your vote against Donald Trump. Change Russian (and United States) history.

You will probably regret it when Mrs. Clinton raises taxes, but your grandchildren may still be able to slow sea level rise enough to live safely in their houses.

—Mark Binder