Cinderella Spinderella - Video from Classical High School

Far from being “an old chestnut” the story of Cinderella is edgy and exciting and relevant to listeners of all ages. This is an excerpt from a performance for high schoolers, who are by most accounts a challenging audience. It’s fun to listen to the audience as they get into the story…

Where did the tune “Chiri Bim” Come from? The village of Chelm, of course! This video was recorded live at the National Yiddish Book Center in front of a multi-generational audience. For more than 20 years, Mark Binder’s original tales of Chelm have been touching readers and listeners around the world.  Mark’s Chelm stories have been printed in nearly

The Zombie Cat Book Cover

317 Watermelons (for Freedom) – older ages How I was singlehandedly responsible for bringing down the Berlin Wall Chiri Bim – from “Stories for Peace” This was recorded on an iphone at the Peace Flag Project’s Voices for Peace Concert at the Roots Cafe in Providence, RI “My House is too Small for Ramadan” — youngish/mixed

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