No doubt about system

“Clinton clinches historic nomination” —Boston Globe On the eve of the California primary, the race has been called. Again. From the beginning, way way back, it was a “certainty” because of the Super Delegates, who declared their fealty to Secretary Clinton. As I explained to my son, they know her. She helped to get them elected or reelected. […]

Vote for Bernie Sanders

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re thinking too big” —Bernie Sanders Sunday April 24, 2016 Dear Voter, I wish you could have been with me standing in Roger Williams Park listening to Bernie Sanders talk about his campaign to thousands and thousands. Bernie Sanders’s primary message: Think outside the box. Challenge the political climate and […]

War is over… if we want it

The war in Afghanistan is officially over. We are out of Iraq. Have we noticed? This spiral of war began not when Osama Bin Ladin slammed those planes into the towers and killed our citizens. It began when George W Bush declared war on a terrorist. It continued when he created an “Axis of Evil.” […]