World Tour with Stories For Every Generation IN SCHOOLS Transfixing Tales! Students listen and learn Connects with curriculum Workshops, residencies, and “concerts” Author and Reading Week Visits • For Elementary • For Middle Schools • In High Schools • for PK-K  and Catholic Schools • Jewish Schools • Special Needs FESTIVAL AND THEATERS Families and Children or adult-only Stories Mark has performed

Mark Binder photo by Paul Porter

Theater and Festival Programs

Amazing Spoken Word Storytelling with a humorous edge Festival Stories and Monologues for adults Storytelling Concerts for families with children The Zombie Cat and Giant Slugs Cinderella Spinderella… tales of diversity And more!* multiple programs • 45-60 minutes • audience sizes 50-400+ *Other programs include: Festival Stories & Monologues • Storytelling Concerts • Adventures with Giants

Menorah Malaise – the annual Hanukkah Story

Here’s my annual Hanukkah Story an optimistic tale of Seasonal Affected Disorder in the village of Chelm—with a heartwarming conclusion by Mark Binder “I’m sick of Hanukkah,” Reb Cantor, the merchant of Chelm muttered.      His wife, Shoshanna, looked up with surprise. “What’s wrong with it?”      “Did I say that aloud?” Reb

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