Politics as Unusual

Dear Senators Whitehouse and Reed, This is what dictatorship looks like. A leader in office—whether elected or by junta—wields every aspect of power according to his agenda or whim.  Compromise is not an option.  Because we are a democratic republic, parliamentary defeat is not an option. The only option is staunch opposition and sweeping implementation […]

Change Russian History – an open letter to Trump Electors

Dear Electors, I have direct experience with deception politics. Several years ago, when I ran for state representative against the then Speaker of Rhode Island’s House Gordon Fox, I said that he was corrupt. I pointed to the evidence of insider deals and more. Fox attacked, saying I was at the center of a conspiracy […]

Degaming Democracy

When I was a child I was taught the dream of Democracy. I believed that fourscore and many years ago, humanity created a new idea and a new country where Democracy could thrive. At the core of this vision is the possibility that we, the people, are the sovereign. Government is something that exists with […]

On Monday evening, come to the parkland and enjoy yourself!

It’s rare that I get to combine my politics and my storytelling. This Monday evening, come and see a glimpse of the park we’ll be losing if the politicians in Rhode Island cave in and sell us out. And be entertained by the What Cheer Brigade, Len Cabral, and myself! (among others.)

Click here for info about the Facebook Page for Act Like You Own The Place Event – THIS Monday at 5pm

This op-ed appeared in the Providence Journal

It’s about the foolish giveaway of public land by a legislature greedy for “success” at all costs — as long as those are paid by taxpayers and citizens.


“Perhaps there is something in the water on Smith Hill that infects speakers of the Rhode Island House of Representatives with hubris. Perhaps it’s a side effect of suddenly being called “the most powerful politician in Rhode Island.”

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