While much of my work in recent decades has been family friendly and child safe, there is much that I’ve written that isn’t. This section has more of an edge and requires some discretion… and often a sense of humor.

Book and Audio and eBook Store   Recently updated !

You’re not supposed to judge a book by the cover… But pieces of paper with words (or even worse digital downloads) all look the same. And there are so many options*! Still, buying a book isn’t as hard as picking a cell phone. You’ll enjoy it again and again… For a fraction of the cost […]

Grand Stories — bespoke tales written for patrons

Have you ever wanted a story written just for you… or for a friend… or loved one? This morning I was thinking about my career, and I realized that I love to write and perform for an audience. Not any random audience. But a specific audience. I’ve written stories for families, for young girls, for […]

Making your Website and Domain Happy – how to change registrars

Twice today I spoke with people who are unhappy with their domain host/registrar. It was the same company. (Let’s call them AbusiveTravelingFather.Com or This company offers inexpensive registration and cheap domain hosting, but then traps you with a bad interface, cryptic messages, limited phone support, and basically holds your website hostage. So you want […]

What’s going on? Reality 5.16

I’m reading a lovely novel, but I can’t remember the name. It’s a delicious tale that interweaves through the present, future, and alternative realities. I think it’s by Ian M. Banks. And I think it’s called Arcadia, but I have a hard time remembering because I’m reading it on my <branded digital device name censored>.  This […]