Bustling to Toy Fair…

I’m heading south from the frigid clime of Providence to that great city of New York. Riding with Peter Pan, which is a combination of a lovely image and a little bit twee…
On the bus these days they have everything a road warrior could want (except a bar car) — wifi and seat belts.
So, instead of dozing or reading something pithy, I can write blog posts, check FaceBook, and maybe (if the connection ever gets fast enough) watch something on Netflix.
They seem to have given up on the whole in-flight movie scenario, which I suppose is fine because they didn’t work half the time and the other half the time you ended up watching the same movie in both directions.
More in the weird realm… A one way trip to New York costs $45. A same day round trip ticket is $29. Go figure.
Anyway, I’m going to ToyFair to sign copies of my CDs. I haven’t been to the Javits Center since attending the Gourmet Food show several years ago. I’m hoping it’s just as fun, and a bit less fattening.
I’ll fill in the details on the way home.
Enjoy the day!