• What makes someone an effective mover and shaker?
  • Why do so many organizations and communities feel powerless to change their environment, let alone change the world?
  • The key difference is in the narrative stories that these people tell.

People communicate through stories…

I can help you craft and tighten your story. I can help you prepare and be eloquent.

Steve Denning told a story and changes the way the World Bank worked. The East Bay Coalition for the Homeless refined its story, and increased its funding. These are just two examples.

Stories inspire, motivate, and shift the way the people think and work.

What stories do you have to tell? What stories do you want to tell? And would you like to tell them more effectively?


“Storyteller helps execs with communication”
— article in Providence Business News

Harnessing Stories to Effect Change
article on Business Innovation Factory Web Site

Article: Crafting Narratives to Change the World

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About Mark Binder

Mark has worked as the resident storyteller at New Commons. He has taught, “Telling Lies” to undergraduates at the Rhode Island School of Design.

He has an MA from Rhode Island College and a BA in storytelling an mythology from Columbia University.

He is the author of dozens of books and audio recordings for adults and children

He tours the world and gives hundreds of presentations every year.

What’s the Story?
a story-making and story-telling workshop

This workshop is designed to help you create, craft and communicate your stories more effectively. If you don’t have a story in mind, the introduction will help you understand where this work can apply.

The purpose of story making and storytelling, discussion, focusing and story crafting/making development exercises.

Training and practice in story making and storytelling. Selecting the story. Crafting the story. Honing the story. Telling the story. Work in small groups. Individualized coaching.

Mark Binder can come to your business, organization, or community and teach you how to tell stories more effectively.

Programs are inspiring, informative and effective in creating lasting change and new ways to do business.

Communication is more than just transmitting data. It involves the simple action of telling stories.
Some questions we ask:

What stories are you already telling?
How would you like that to change?
Are you telling your story effectively?
What story would you like people to be telling about your business?
What story can you tell that will improve your bottom line?

Customized programs and workshops for businesses and organizations

Public Speaker Coaching
Making, crafting and telling “Springboard”-style Stories
Developing Core Stories
Inventing Future Stories