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Yes, My name really is Mark Binder! I write and tell stories. That’s my job.
My work seems to fall into four basic categories:

Most of my stories are designed to be enjoyed by a variety of age groups. Thanks for reading and listening!
–Mark Binder, Pembroke Villa.

The lastest books by Mark Binder are:

Cinderella Spinderella! The first international bestselling illustrated ebook for children. This book will change the way you see Cinderella forever!

The Brothers Schlemiel The complete unabridged story of identical twins born in a village of fools and confused from birth. Written episodically, this book is a page-turner you will savor and enjoy.

Kings, Wolves, Princesses and Lions The sequel to Mark’s bestselling Bed Time Story Book. More stories for slightly more advanced readers (grades 1-3)

Genies, Giants and a Walrus A collection of stories for advanced readers and lovers of adventure, mythology and humor.